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  After more than 40 years in the business - and with a solid reputation as one of the best in-flight magazines in the world - Scanorama continues to move forward. Scanorama has 1,9 million readers and is distributed in the seat pocket on all Scandinavian Airlines routes in Scandinavia, Europe and worldwide. 12 issues per year are produced by DG Communications.
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  The 10 latest issues  
    No.03 - April 2014
Glories of the Vatican
  Scanorama March   No.03 - March 2014
The joys of spring in Paris
  Scanorama Feb 2014   No.02 - February 2014
Sound of music
  Scanorama Dec 2013   No.12/2013 - 1/2014
Coast of Croatia
  Scanorama Nov 2013   No.11 - November 2013
White magic
  Scanorama Oct 2013   No.10 - October 2013
Team USA
  Scanorama Sept 2013   No.09 - September 2013
Legends of the Berlin fall
  Scanorama July/August 2013   No.07/08 - Jul/Aug 2013
Walk on the west side
  Scanorama June 2013   No.06 - June 2013
Beach party
  Scanorama Maj 2013   No.05 - May 2013
London calling